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Firstly, I would like to state, on the record, that The Concerned Citizens Of La Quinta is not affiliated with any of the four (4) HOA groups from varying associations. We were told about this issue at the last minute at our last meeting on Dec. 9th and gave permission to the 12 homeowners of the LQ Fairways group to speak to our Mayor Evans at that meeting. In addition we were invited to address their HOA meeting on the correct way to organize to get their message out and we did that and we also agreed for the well written column by Rex McClennan on Jan 8th to appear in The Desert Sun only so all residents would know their concerns.

When they started this, it may have been under the heady influence of some decepted information. Though that was necessary, as are the cheerleaders who generally take one side of an issue, it’s becoming clearly evident that these homeowners do not have an excellent plan in place and are not aware of the changes to the original plan.

Sometimes we are driven and led to do what others are doing, without all the facts, and this usually will stir up mixed feelings. The acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought is warranted only to a point.

There is much the city must do to get to the decision process of rezoning, so instead of fighting against time, let’s make time our best friend. Let’s slow down because every time you choose an action you are also choosing the consequences of that action.  Most of you fought for our Democracy to not be a Socialist Government where you never hear the other side. Please do not act like children in an elevator pushing all the buttons to see which one works for you. Adults slow down to see the whole picture. You should be ashamed of yourselves for acting this way and sit down with Mr. Chandi and speak with him and you might be surprised. But alas perhaps you were informed otherwise and many people told us that they have been misled as to exactly what would placed there. At our next CCOLQ meeting Mr. Chandi will present a movie of what he is proposing and it should be interesting.

A clear honest exchange of grievances and concerns is essential to a positive outcome. And that is why, ladies and gentlemen, we at The Concerned Citizens Of La Quinta Organization took it upon ourselves to meet directly with Mr. Chandi and his Executive Staff, of which your 50 Washington Group refused to do, to discuss this issue.

Mr. Chandi is willing to meet with all of you face to face to hear your concerns and to discuss with you the possible alternatives.  This will take place at our HQ’s The LQ Embassy Suites Hotel at 5:30pm on Thursday, March 3rd.  He wants to personally meet all of you. What do you have to lose? Will you all stand-up like mature adults and come and talk with this man face to face and then you can decide where to go from there.

If you wish to attend because seating is limited you will have to rsvp  RSylk77@aol.com. Thank you, Robert Sylk, Chairman, Concerned Citizens Of La Quinta www.ccolq.org

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