Tracking the Promises of Our City Council

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The following statements were issued by the La Quinta Mayor and City Council Members as their commitments to the citizens of La Quinta. The Concerned Citizens of La Quinta would like to track these to see if they have actually been implemented as promised and how well they are working. Your comments are invited.

Appeared in the La Quinta Sun, January 27, 2011, “ Our City”

Getting to know…your City Council

Editor’s Note:  Every two weeks, the La Quinta Sun will ask the mayor and City Council members about a topic of interest in the city or something a little more personal that will help residents get to know them better.  We continue the series with:

What is one money-saving idea you have for the city of La Quinta or for California cities in general?

Mayor Don Adolph

Recently we implemented a program where we are committing our redevelopment money into city projects.  This is being done due to the possibility of our governor abolishing the state’s redevelopment agencies.  Last year, the state took $23.5 million from the city of La Quinta and will take $4.9 million this year.  Proposition 22, passed last year, will stop this kind of takeaway in the future.  Our program can potentially save the city millions of dollars in city infrastructure and economic development funding.

Mayor pro tem Linda Evans

La Quinta is currently working on multiple money-saving ideas as we develop next year’s budget.  These include an increased use in technology to allow reporting/communication to be streamlined.  Through electronic means and the use of apps, staff and residents will be able to report anything from code compliance concerns to broken sprinklers to graffiti. Energy is another area of focus, either through water conservation, reduced dependence on electricity or decreased emissions through alternative travel methods.

Councilwoman Kristy Franklin

I would like for La Quinta to make greater strides in converting our current city buildings to solar power.  Our new fire station has photovoltaic panels on top of its parking structures and is a prime example of using available technology to cut electrical expenses.  Adding solar to our existing buildings would certainly be a money-saver in the long run.

Councilman Stanley Sniff

La Quinta has always been financially cautious and we try to watch where the money goes and anything that is considered potentially unnecessary, needless or excessive.  We ought to emphasize bidding for services so there’s some competition.  We might really work with the employees and offer maybe some financial rewards, incentives for cost-saving ideas.  We could potentially look at the possibility of raising or lowering the temperature in the buildings.  We have a lot of city vehicles that are on the road quite a bit.  Maybe there’s some limitation there, or at least an effort to reduce the number of trips or combine the trips.

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  1. Dustin Metcalf says:

    I would expect our city officials to address this question in a much more precise way. It should be something they have talked about extensively and I think it would make sense they all have the same answer because there should be some plan in place already. I am very disappointed in the lack of direction provided with those answers.

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