Is La Quinta Open for Business?

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Sent: 4/21/2012 3:50:25 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Letter to the Editor

Dear James, Very nice opinion on “Coachella is Open for Business” in Saturday’s paper B-9.

We, at The Concerned Citizens Of La Quinta with 217 members, have met with 18 small business owners here in La Quinta to find out what the commonalities of their complaints to The City of La Quinta were all about. When our City Manager Tom Genovese was our guest Speaker four (4) of the group asked him to meet with them and he said yes. But after 3 months of that committee trying to set a date with no response he unfortunately passed away on the hiking trail. We then designed a Small Business Initiative plan for the City to help these struggling businesses and new businesses to open in our wonderful city and presented this novel idea to two City Councilmembers privately and also introduced it at two (2) council meetings in the past 4 months with only Kristy Franklin showing an interest in a La Quinta “Open for Business” program.

We give credit to Mayor Garcia for getting off of his butt and enacting this plan. Our Mayor has said publicly at a council meeting¬† “Do you think we sit here on our butts all day”¬† Well, Mayor Adolph, you said it, and yes we do agree with you 100%.

Robert Sylk, Chairman
Concerned Citizens Of La Quinta

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  1. Paul Richey says:

    This city needs to get off their tunnel-visioned pulpit and devise some incentives to draw large and permanent business to the area. Golf, small business, and retired folks can no longer be the city’s cash cow.

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