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Letter: Whitewater River Parkway bike trail not well thought-out

9:00 PM, Mar. 31, 2012

The Desert Sun, Letters to the Editor

This bike and cart path plan is a great idea at first sight, except what happens next? The first costs are projected in at $53 million to $77 million. So, after it opens what about the following:

• Safety: Fence, cameras every mile and emergency phone boxes.

• Ongoing maintenance: Pathway and electric, etc.

• Crime: Vandals, graffiti, robbers, abductions, insurance, etc.

• Costs: Will triple to $150 million plus.

• Responsibilities: County, valley task force or cities?

There is much to review here that has not been mentioned, and until that happens this should be tabled. Shame on you for not doing the entire plan for the public’s due diligence.

— Robert F. Sylk, La Quinta

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  1. Lorraine Salas says:

    Robert, I applaud you and this group’s efforts in letting people know about the severe neglect in addressing environmental hazards on Jackson and 62nd. I also applaud your stance about the bike path. I am adamantly against the building of the power plant as it will release into the air very harmful particulate matter. Year after year, we have received a grade of ‘F’ for air quality. If we’ve received this on a yearly basis, what makes us believe our air quality will improve with a power plant that will emit and equivalent of 188,000 vehicles on the road yearly?? I hope we can all join efforts to expose every possible environmental hazard in the valley. We do have our own battles but these battles are all of ours. Toxic waste near a school and an apartment complex along with this biomass plant near Trilogy are all examples of what is wrong. Our elected officials need to take further steps to have these places pack their toxic waste and move far away from anyone as soon as possible. Yes, I know, easier said than done but it is the only right thing to do.

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