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This question asked of Robert Sylk during the 2014 Campaign.

How do you feel things are going with the SilverRock Resort and Golf Course?

My sense is that residents don’t know what is happening to SilverRock. They know that things have either stopped or slowed down because of the economy but have no idea what is planned. I believe SilverRock is and should be an important element of La Quinta. While it’s understandable that progress has slowed, I think residents need a clear picture of what is currently planned, for example a town meeting regarding just SilverRock at SilverRock will engage residents by our reaching out to them. I think that the Council needs to continue SilverRock’s growth even if a bit slower now. I would agree that a Clubhouse is a high priority item. SilverRock is a “diamond in the rough.” We need to find a new partner to help us get it developed, while money is available at historically low interest rates.

As of now, 2015, folks I feel that this is a disaster waiting to happen. The developers are fine designers but are broke and cannot raise a dime. I say bring in the private sector like a Larry Elison to do this all at once not piecemeal with the first building now delayed until, can you believe, 2018. In my opinion this Merriwether group should be ridden out of town now.

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  1. Paul Richey says:

    I purchased my LQ home nearly 6 years ago, at which time I heard nothing but excited anticipation regarding the development of Silver Rock. So far, very little progress has been made. So, I’m compelled to join those who believe the project is being “dogged”. Not sure if the stop block is the City, the developers, or both, but significant movement is very necessary. And, it should be done WITHOUT tax money. We’ve been drained enough on a whole bunch of previous unwarranted projects.

  2. Linda Gunnett says:

    So, here we are September 27, 2016, more than a year and a half from the March 10, 2015 post by Mr. Richey and what is happening at the SilverRock development? Nothing, zip, zilch, just as has been since the 2002 plan was originally submitted. How many more years are we going to wait until we demand action from City Hall on this matter. Give the current pie-in-the-sky developers a drop dead date and if they don’t perform, let’s go to Plan B. Oh wait, what is Plan B? According to the City Manager/City Attorney/Council and Mayor, Plan B is to sit and wait…….tick tick tick, and keep taking money out of our general fund to pay for the golf shortages and the dust abatement and the staffing and ……., then, after they have taken from our general fund money that we need for other things, ask for a tax increase. That is the great planning of this current Council. Time to say good-bye to them and get some new ideas in place…please!

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