Ralph’s Closing

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Egg Cafe
50855 Washington Street
La Quinta, CA 92253

Dear Mr. Sylk and Mr. Hofman

I want to thank you both for meeting with me several times and with the other tenets to help save our businesses. As you are aware we signed our new leases unaware that Ralph’s had already notified the owner of the Center that they were closing. This has caused us so much distress because without as anchor our sales revenues are down considerably.

But when we told you, Mr. Sylk, you came right over, laid out a plan, met with us four (4) times with CCOLQ’s attorney, Mr. Hofman, who reviewed out 25 page lease and gave us important advice to follow.

We are now negotiating directly with the owner of the property to either reduce our rent until another anchor is found or to give us the option to leave at no charge.

Thank you for assisting us and listening to us.

Thank you again and best regards to you ant The Concerned Citizens of La Quinta Organization.

Doriel Wyler, Owner
Egg Cafe

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