Question for John Benoit at the April 18th CCOLQ meeting
What would you personally suggest we do here in Trilogy as we are experiencing disgusting odors on a daily basis and after many residents personally investigated that the culprit of the odors was a composting facility located 1 mile east of a residential development? — Deb E, La Quinta

Term Limits for Council
There is a leadership vacuum in La Quinta. Let us open up the doors for those whose ideas and enthusiasms can sustain us for decades. An atmosphere which welcomes ideas is a necessary prerequisite for an innovative city government. Therefore I propose term limits of four 2 year terms for Mayor and two 4 year terms for council. Our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson said " Lifetime politicians are not the answer. Be elected, do your job, and go home". Robert F. Sylk — Robert S, La Quinta