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La Quinta
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Our mission is to empower La Quinta's residents to have a voice in city governance through leadership, advocacy and support. Our vision is to assist those committed to working together for the betterment of La Quinta and facilitate open communications on all matters that concern its residents.
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  To The Members of CCOLQ
We created CCOLQ in 2010 to give voice to those residents who refuse to rely on city-controlled media and are seeking an authentic truthful outlet. We are more committed to those goals today in 2021 than ever before. CCOLQ was also founded on the values of respect, openness, and loyalty to our citizens and our members. Unfortunately these values are not reflected with some of our leaders, some of the time, and that is why we exist.

Robert F. Sylk, Chairman
Concerned Citizens Of La Quinta

Navigating rules of road tricky for golf cart drivers
The Desert Sun, August 23, 2011
by Sonya English



  Letter to the Editor
A special election is needed

Published by The Desert Sun, December 5, 2011 
by Robert Sylk


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